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Think & Drink with Asimov | Garbage in, Garbage out? Fairness & AI

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Garbage in, garbage out?

In decision making, Artificial Intelligence has become an increasingly valuable tool to make sense of large quantities of data and is now widely used in fields ranging from autonomous vehicles and the criminal justice system to employee recruitment and assessment. However, in each of these, algorithms have been the source of controversial decisions, including the recent benefits scandal in The Netherlands that led to the fall of its government. How do we prevent this technology from causing harm in society?

Is it possible to embed human rights and values such as freedom, privacy or dignity into this technology? How do we define these values without letting the technology define them for us? Technology is never neutral but forms part of a complex socio-technical structure. Join this event to discuss how we can use technology for the benefit of everyone.

Cynthia Liem is an Associate Professor at the Multimedia Computing Group at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science working on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

Evgeni Aizenberg is a post-doctoral researcher at AiTech, a multi-faculty programme focusing on Meaningful Human Control of Autonomous Intelligent Technology, where he leads the project Designing for Human Rights in AI.

Ronald Meester is Professor of Probability Theory at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and author of various popular science books, including Wetenschap als nieuwe religie (Science as a new religion, July 2022) and Kan dat geen toeval zijn? (Could that not be coincidence?, March 2022)

Think and Drink with Asimov
In this quarterly event, Asimov and Studium Generale are teaming up to engage with ethical conundrums in an informal setting. We invite researchers, philosophers and ethicists to share their views on an ethical issue in robotics and invite you to join us over a pint with your insights and inquiry. The first drink is on us!


Oct 13 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


To be announced
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