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Check out this weeks’ events at The Nook, our hub for the more intimate, informal, and deeply weird conversations. These events are open to all: no registration required, unless it says otherwise. Let’s see if we can figure out this batshit crazy world together!

Monday’s Headlines

Did someone try to invade Moscow again? Did the government resign? Drop by during your lunch break and discuss the news that you can’t not talk about on Monday, October 9th.

Existential Tuesdays

Why work a bullshit job? How do you rationalize suffering? Can you un-brainwash someone? What is the end goal of evolution? Is Schrodinger’s Cat a zombie? Get philosophical over lunch on Tuesday, October 10th. Existential Tuesdays are a low key moment to ask the ultimate questions together, without necessarily finding answers or solutions. For this week’s session we’ll explore the question:

What is a real man?

In today’s society, the definition of manliness and proper male behavior are up for discussion. Should it be about masculinity, penis length, the size of his bank account, or his own sense of self? Is a real man an intersectional feminist? Does he hunt his own food or stay at home with a baby on his back? Is whiskey optional or mandatory? (wink wink)


Oct 09 2023


12:40 pm - 1:30 pm


TU Delft Library
Studium Generale


Studium Generale