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The Future of Universities | The Decolonial Campus

What is or should a university be in the 21st century? Is it merely a factory of knowledge, delivering professionals to the market? Or is it an institution of social and cultural value with a responsibility towards its students and society? In this series of lectures Studium Generale TU Delft organises several debates about the future of universities with speakers from within and outside TU Delft. 

The Decolonial Campus

Black Lives Matter, MeToo, climate change: society is in flux and a growing part of it is up in arms. Against strongholds where power structures remain which uphold inequality and patriarchy. And one of those strongholds is the university. The call to decolonise, decarbonise and democratise gets stronger here too, not only amongst students but also academics and university staff. 

University and its policy are challenged to act in line with their responsibilities. But students also confront their teachers on their study material or even whether their terminology conforms to the latest social and cultural movements. And some do not feel comfortable to research certain topics out of fear for repercussions.  

Are these forms of (radical) activism for social justice a threat to academic freedom, or is it the other way around? What responsibility does the institution of our universities have in fighting social injustices? And how is the nature of the university affected by these influences?  

SG presents: the Future of Universities series 

We currently live in an information-based society. This puts pressure on the university, since universities have a responsibility in the distribution and advancement of knowledge. The result is a work load going through the roof, emphasis on results and efficiency rather than the process and high demand for study places from all over the world. Next to that, there’s little extra finance from the government, and so universities start operating more and more like commercial companies. 

This calls for debate and discussion. Where do we stand, where are we going and is this desirable? Studium Generale, in co-operation with Delta, organises the series the future of universities. Three afternoon debates with managers, teachers, students and policy advisors from TU Delft and philosophers, sociologists, journalists and other from outside. 


Apr 21 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


TU Delft Library
Studium Generale


Studium Generale