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SG Academy: Are Tech Billionaires Good for Society?

The SG Academy is a small discussion group open to all. Be sure to sign up on time as space is limited!

Who benefits the most from technological progress and growth?

Seven of the top 10 richest people on the planet made their billions in the tech industry. What influence do these billionaires have on society? Should we be worried? Or is humanity’s future in good hands?

Elon Musk might be setting a different standard with his behavior at Twitter than Bill Gates is with his charity, but it is not just the person that we should need to talk about. It is the system that enabled their wealth and power. Should we even allow people to get that rich? How do we protect workers, consumers, and democracy itself when wealth is so concentrated?

What are your thoughts? Join a small group of peers as we discuss these and more questions. Register here.

For a little background information on Silicon Valley culture of the tech elite, check out Douglas Rushkoff’s article on Medium Survival of the Richest.

The SG Academy is an initiative by Studium Generale to engage the university community (students and staff) in literature, philosophy, critical thinking, and a generally broader look at human culture through all kinds of media. Think of it as a modern book club, where a small group of (aspiring) intellectuals get together to discuss not just books, but writers, comics, art, movies, essays, articles, and documentaries. Without experts or speakers. The topics include everything from philosophy to anthropology, cultural criticism, linguistics, logic, mythology, political ideologies, and metaphysics.

(Minimum 5, maximum 12 participants in the Steve Jobs room of the TU Library. Priority spots for students and staff, but all are welcome)


May 02 2023


12:40 pm - 1:30 pm


TU Delft Library, Central Hall
Studium Generale


Studium Generale