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Prometheus’ Problems | Nuclear Energy: No time to waste?

Who bears the responsibility for nuclear waste? 

Nuclear energy has long been a source of controversy. Over the course of decades, a number of incidents have led to a highly polarised discussion which evokes strong imagery and emotions. The impact of long-term storage of nuclear waste in particular is a major source of concern, as well as questions concerning safety, proliferation and geopolitical risk. 

However, simultaneously recent technological advances and geopolitical events led many others to consider nuclear power the only way forward to ensure a sufficient and reliable source of energy at the current stage of the energy transition. These contrasting perspectives call for an open and informed discussion. Why would we want, or indeed need, to produce nuclear power? Who bears the responsibility for nuclear waste and other potential risks? 

It is crucial to reflect on how we can facilitate an informed and open debate about such a potentially divisive topic and make the discussion truly inclusive. Using modern technology and innovative democratic tools we can involve a wider audience not only in the debate but also the monitoring, implementation and potential benefits of this technology. How can we ensure recognition and justice for all who are affected by this technology, now and for future generations? 

Prometheus’ Problems

At this quarterly event, students, professors and external experts will exchange thoughts about philosophical and ethical themes related to engineering, modern technology and its impact on society. Importantly, the themes are based on questions put forward by students themselves. A discussion in a comfortable setting, with a drink at hand. 


Nov 22 2022


6:30 pm - 6:30 pm


TU Delft Library
Studium Generale


Studium Generale