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AI Governance Challenge

The rapid progress in AI presents us with some critical strategic and governance issues that address the most severe risks of this technology! How can societies handle the labour displacement from AI? How can we avoid an arms race between countries? How can we forecast major milestones in the development of AI?

You will be presented with scenarios and cases and dive into their strategic and technical aspects. This could be anything from developing ethical standards and strategic frameworks, making forecasts about the future of AI or devising automatic test suites.

📣 The topic will be introduced with a talk from a domain expert and the Alignment Jam team
🔬 You can join even without experience as we’ll share some amazing starter resources
🍕 Free food is available during the whole challenge!!!
🏆 There is a prize pool of $2000 up for grabs to the best projects along with a random participation award of $200!
🎯 Everyone will judge each others’ projects internationally along with a judging panel

📅 We go from the Friday 24th March 18:00 in the evening until Sunday the 26th March 18:00 in the evening, in Hall 4 Pulse.

Find out more and sign up here.


Mar 24 - 26 2023


5:45 pm




Delft AI Safety Initiative