TU Students Plus (TUS+) is a joint initiative by student organisations and the Library of the TU Delft.

Our goals are to increase engagement and stimulate collaboration and cross-pollination between socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally conscious student organisations for events on campus and in the community. The network consists of TU student groups and community organizations working to achieve extra impact on society in the fields of sustainability, the arts, entrepreneurship, politics, social justice, and other relevant societal and cultural spheres.

Use this portal to find information and activities for like-minded TU students. There are resources and events waiting for you—both on campus and in the community. TUS+ organizations and the TU Delft Library are all potential partners to co-create public events with maximum impact.


As you may have noticed, there is an abundance of extracurricular lectures, workshops, symposia, festivals, and exhibitions offered in Delft. Often these initiatives are scattered across campus and the city, and they often contain similar themes or target the same audience. On one hand, this overflow of the event calendar is a sign of the energy and ideals present in many of the TU Delft students. On the other hand, too many events can lead to disorientation (‘where to start?’) and low attendance (‘there’s too much to do everything, so let’s stick to routine’).

So how can we maintain the energy and ideals, without organizing too much and therefore achieving too little? We see this portal as a step in the right direction: we hope to bring together motivated students with great ideas, doing great things outside the classroom. With these joined forces we increase the visibility and appeal of student initiatives on and off-campus.


Are you looking for partners to co-create your event? Browse through our homepage to find and contact related organisations that can help you make your event a success.

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